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Fund Raising - Debt

We specialize in delivering top-notch services covering a broad spectrum, including fund raising at both domestic and international levels, meticulous fund management, intricacies of security structuring, adept navigation through complex financial landscapes, and effective debt management strategies
  • Our expansive network fosters robust relationships with banks both in India and around the world
  • Our comprehensive services begin with a thorough assessment of fund requirements, involving in-depth analyses of creditworthiness, collateral evaluation, and cash flow dynamics
  • We strategically identify credit types and map potential lenders, ensuring a tailored approach that aligns with our clients' financial goals.
  • Our proficiency extends to the meticulous preparation of teasers, information memorandums (IMs), and financial models, presenting a compelling and thorough representation of our clients' financial positions.
  • We provide valuable assistance in obtaining credit ratings, leveraging our expertise to optimize our clients' credit profiles.
  • We handle the negotiation phase with strategic finesse, engaging with lenders and investors to secure favorable terms for our clients.
  • Post-disbursal, our services include managing formalities and maintaining proactive relationship management, ensuring ongoing success and satisfaction for our clients throughout their financial journey.